Yes/No Simple and to the point
  • Ask one yes/no question
  • 3-card reading
  • Receive a written answer
  • Sent via email or text
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Deluxe Long reading with clarity cards
per month
  • Ask one open-ended question
  • 12 to 15 card reading gives deep insight and recommendations
  • Video or audio recording
  • Delivered via email or text
  • Two follow-up clarifying cards
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What’s Involved In Tarot Readings?

Readings for yourself are the most common kind of Tarot readings that you will encounter. You have a question, and you’d like some direction. How you approach this depends on a lot of things – where you are in life, what your comfort level is with Tarot, and how “deep” your situation is.

Some readings are just “What do I need to know about this week?” It’s a simple question and is left wide open. Those are fun questions, that usually give good direction and focus for you for the week.

But sometimes there’s a burning question about a difficult situation – “What do I need to know about losing my job?” or “How will I finally meet my soul mate?” These questions have a bit more urgency and depth to them.

Tarot Readings for Just You

I was working with someone recently who wanted a reading for her birthday. The session was wonderful – past, present and future cards all good. Joy, abundance, success – all pointed to a good year ahead. Then at the end, she asked “I have an odd feeling about my new boss; I don’t know if he’s going to be good for me.” So we decided to pull one more card about the boss. The card? The Death Card. Changes ahead. So, her reading was basically saying she had a good year in store for her, but the boss situation would definitely be changing. That was a relief for her in some ways.

All that to say, choose your personal Tarot Readings according to the depth of your question. A simple yes/no question might not need a lot of depth. But a deeper personal issue should warrant an in depth session or the longer deluxe session.

You won’t regret getting more detail.