Who’s the Tarot Geek?

Hi, I’m John.

As the Tarot is known as the “Dreamer’s Journey” or “Fool’s Journey” so my foray into Tarot has been a journey as well.

I actually started looking at Tarot cards when I got a free book on the topic. I had heard of Tarot, but didn’t know anyone who read frequently. After beginning to read the book, I realized it would be a lot more fun if I had some Tarot cards to look at. I put the idea on hold, because I was busy. Later that same week, I was browsing in a book store in a town I was visiting and felt continuously drawn to one corner of the store. I finally caved and went to that corner…. a whole table of Tarot decks. Well, not today, I decided. Throughout the next couple weeks, I kept bumping into Tarot cards or books for sale.

I finally bought an app for my phone that would allow me to learn the cards, and also do readings. That was fun, but after a couple days, I knew I had to get a real deck of real cards. I found an opportunity to buy a deck. I’m not sure why, but that was a really big deal. It was years ago, but I still remember how nervous I was to buy a deck of Tarot cards.

I love talking with other Tarot readers, and have read a dozen books on Tarot. And I love doing readings!

So what about the geek part? I’m a “computer guy”. I own a tech support company, and spend my day working on and repairing computers, networks, servers, routers – all that stuff. There’s a lot of resistance to the spiritual and esoteric sides of life in the IT world. Most computer geeks want nothing to do with spirits, chakras, Reiki, guides or any of that. I may be the only Tarot Geek! My heart and soul live in the amazement of life and the wonderful surprises that spirit gives me every day. And my head and hands need to spend part of the day working on people’s technology problems.

So what is Tarot to me? Tarot brings clarity to a question; it sometimes hints at an answer, and it sometimes screams the answer loud and clear. Tarot brings the wisdom of “the other side,” the wisdom of your your spiritual guides, I have all three situations come up in readings.

If you’re not ready to go all in with Tarot being a way that the spirit guides communicate with us, then think of it as a question clarifier. With a Tarot reading, you will see your question spelled out in a new way with new perspectives, which may help you answer your own question. It works the same, either way.