Hi I'm John

Are you curious about life? Do you have everything figured out, or are there some questions yet? I think it's obvious that most people have questions.... Will I get the dream job? Is Mr. or Ms. Right coming soon? Should I stay in the company, or go out on my own? If you've ever wondered about Tarot, maybe now is the time to inquire. Think of Tarot as one tool of many that you can use to help see the question more clearly, and get a peek into what's in store for you.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • My reading with John AKA Tarot Geek was spot on. I was amazed at how accurate he was, and the resulting answers were SO helpful!

    Amy C.
  • Tarot Geek has performed several readings for me over the last few months. The readings have really been an aid in sorting out upcoming decisions and the right paths to follow. Whenever I'm challenged with a decision to make, I have a reading with John and he brings insights to the issue that are spot on and help me with my own internal conversation about my next direction to go. Thank you, Tarot Geek!

    Dawn P
  • I had John do a reading for me around a situation that was making me really uncomfortable, and while the reading was not full of sunshine and rainbows, John was able to help me identify some outside influences that were creating additional strife. John’s clear vision made all the difference and the situation is now resolving itself nicely.


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