Want a great way to spend an evening with friends? Do a Tarot Chill-out Party!

What happens in a Tarot party? You get a night of fun and intrigue, like nothing you’ve ever done before!

While you and your besties spend a few minutes getting comfortable with a little wine, some snacks, and some music, I will help set the mood.

To balance the energy in the room, we will kick off the evening with a guided relaxation for the whole group. You need nothing more than perhaps a blanket and a comfy pillow. As settle in and rest, I’ll guide you through a visualization that calms the mind and leaves you feeling fully refreshed and ready to place your focus on your tarot reading.

Each person at the party gets a Tarot reading; you can choose your reading to be in the group, or private if you wish. A typical Tarot question might be something like “What do I need to know about getting a new job?” or “What will happen in the next month in my love life?”

Tarot readings use cards to bring to light ideas and influences that you need to know. You can look at this as a message delivered from spirit guides, or simply as another way to approach a deep question about life.

Either way, you come home with an insight and a new perspective on your life.

Pricing info coming soon!