Tarot Question – On Working Smarter

I got a psychic reading yesterday and the main idea was that I had lots of “tools” to use in my business, but should really pare down, become more efficient, and essentially work Smarter, not Harder. Another theme in the reading was that I was getting pulled in may directions, many new opportunities, but my best success would come from what I was already doing well.

So today’s question: What do I need to know about efficient use of my tools and abilities?

Card: 9 of Swords – Worry, anxiety, fear. Worry about the workload, security and future of the business. This shows up when you’re agonizing over a decision. (That is quite true.)

Affirmation: “I see my fears as the illusions they are.”

What’s the message for me? I’m worried about things in the business. Maybe I need to just let it go, and let the Universe lead this one and take care of it. “Let it go” is what I’m getting from this. My fears are illusions, so it’s a reminder to BE, and not so much to DO.