Are there professionals who do Tarot reading in Grand Rapids?

Yes! There are several of us. Some charge high fees, and some are more reasonable. Some are associated with a store or other shop, and some work independently.

How to choose? See who you feel comfortable with. If anything feels “off” that will definitely affect your reading. Go with whom you feel comfortable.

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

A Tarot Card Reading is an activity where a client asks a question of the Tarot Card reader, and the reader uses cards from a deck of Tarot cards to help the client make right choices and get an understanding of their situation.

The process seems mysterious but it is not. A client might want to know if she should stay in a difficult job situation or look for a new job.

She might ask the reader “What do I need to know about my job situation?” The reader might shuffle the deck a few times, and then lay down 3 cards.

The reader might then turn them over one by one and from the “story” that is being told (the 3 cards meanings taken together), she might have some advice on how to proceed for the client.

What other services might a Tarot Card Reader offer?

Some Tarot readers are also psychics and some are mediums. But others of us just do Tarot. If you are interested in other services, find out in advance if your chosen reader also offers the other services.

How does with a remote Tarot Card reading work?

Traditionally, Tarot readings have been done in person. The client either comes to the Reader’s shop of office; or they go to an agreed upon location, such as a coffee shop or restaurant.

For a remote reading, the reader will offer to do it online, using Zoom or some other video platform. Both the reader and the client will log onto the video platform, and the reader and client can communicate over the computer.

I find remote readings very effective and very efficient. Connecting with the client over a long distance looks like it might be difficult, but it is easy to navigate once you’ve done it a few times.

Many of us who do Tarot reading in Grand Rapids will do either in person on over Zoom; whatever you are more comfortable with is the one you should choose.

How much does a typical Tarot Card reading cost?

The cost of a reading depends on several things. If the reading is in person, it will be more than if you are doing it over Zoom. If the question is a simple Yes/No question, then that will cost less than a very in-depth question.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area, then a Reader will come to your location for an approximate fee of $100 per hour. Most readings take an hour, so figure $100 for the reading.

If you do not live in Grand Rapids, or would prefer a remote Zoom reading, you can expect to pay $60 to $80 per hour.

A Tarot Reading in Grand Rapids

Because the cost of living in Grand Rapids is lower than other large cities, costs of many activities are lower too. You will find that Tarot readers in Grand Rapids are sincere and very accurate with their messages.

As a Tarot reader in Grand Rapids, the Tarot Geek welcomes you to check us out.